Copy/Paste between iOS and macOS

Universal Clipboard

Universal copy and paste between iOS and macOS

The Universal Clipboard is exactly what it sounds like: Copy and paste that works across your iPhone and your Mac. You just use the copy command as you normally would, then pick up again on your other device with the paste command, though Apple warns users that “copied content is available to paste on your other devices only for a short time.”
So, say you’ve got an address up on your MacBook, in an email. Highlight the text, choose Edit and Copy (or hit Cmd+C), and then switch over to your iPhone, in an app like Notes. Tap and hold on the screen to bring up the pop-up menu, choose Paste, and your text should appear.
It works in the other direction too, of course, and with images as well—so you could, for example, paste something that you’ve got in Photos on your iPhone right into a document in Pages, no middle steps required.

From gizmodo’s handy tips for working seamlessly between your Mac and iPhone

Beware of fake popups asking for passwords on iPhone and iPad

Beware of fake popup messages asking for passwords on your iPhone.

“iOS users can protect themselves by doing the following when they encounter a password popup: hit the home button. If the app and password prompt close, the prompt was likely a phishing attempt. If the dialog and app remain visible, the dialog was generated by iOS.”   As recommend by Arstechnica

iOS-iPhone-iPad fake password popup-Image credit Felix Krauase