Headless mac mini apple remote desktop graphic issues (fix)

We have a headless mac mini server running Mountain Lion 10.8.4 for testing and maintain several additional headless mac minis for clients. Since OS 10.7, we’ve had a constant issue using ARD (Apple Remote Desktop) with these macs. The display graphics on the remote machine are terrible with gibberish graphic blocks until you switch to […]

Macbook Retina external display troubleshooting

This morning my Retina MacBook wouldn’t display over 1080p resolution to my Dell U2713HM. Normally, it displays at 2560×1440 via a miniDisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. The mac would not show anything above 1080p even by forcing all resolutions by holding the Shift key while selecting “Scaled” in the Displays preferences. After hours of attempting to reset […]

Eye care in Chalmette, La

Congratulations to our client Murphy Eye Clinic in Chalmette, La on their new website, logo and internet advertising campaign. Murphy Eye Clinic is located inside the Chalmette Walmart for easy access to inexpensive eye exams and care. Thanks to KakartNola for their graphic & logo design services. Tags: eye care chalmette, graphic design new orleans, website design […]

How do I search all open tabs in Google Chrome?

If your Google Chrome has 50 tabs open in multiple windows, finding a single tab can be tedious. We often have multiple windows open, one for each client’s Google Adwords, another for Analytics and yet another for SEO monitoring. This quickly becomes 5 or 6 windows with 10+ tabs each. Looking for one tab in […]

“Turn off my Google Adwords! We can’t handle the business”

Please turn off my Google Ads!  Let me catch my breath..  This is the email we received from a client recently after several months of optimizing their Google Adwords. Our New Orleans client landed jobs from all over the nation including NFL Superbowl gigs from her Google Ads and SEO optimized by Good Mojo.   Does your business […]

Mac Thunderbolt update issues

If your Mac asks you to restart to apply the Thunderbolt update released this month, be aware that you may need to unplug everything but the Magsafe power adapter to have the update successfully install. A Macbook Pro Retina failed on several attempts of applying the Thunderbolt update until all Thunderbolt AND USB devices were […]

Control Color change lights for your home from anywhere with your phone

  Screw in LED lightbulbs connect to a network device allowing you to control the light color in your home from your iOS or Android phone or pad. Great for driving loved ones, kids and pets bananas from long distance. If I had parents, I would totally install these for them then put on Disco […]

What is Mojo? Jeopardy Edition

Jeopardy tells you: What is Mojo? It can mean style, sex appeal, a magical charm or talent; We hope you don’t lose yoursThanks to our friend Tom for being quick with the phone cam and sending this over! Let us bring MOJO to your business with web site branding, internet marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics and SEO […]